The Importance of Terms of Business

Recruitment businesses of all types and sizes have two things in common –

  • a reliance on having suitable and complimentary terms in place with clients and the individuals they are working with and
  • a consequent need for consistent compliance to secure those terms.

The terms of business determine entitlement to payment and other key conditions, and so are arguably your most important documents. Securing those terms and retaining the evidential trail is therefore critical for the success of your business.

Solving Problems

Based on more than 25 years experience of working with recruitment businesses and other corporates, Proterms is a highly efficient system for securing terms with clients, contractors and staff. All functions are operated via your own dashboard with the following benefits:   

  • terms look good to reflect your own professional image
  • easy to edit content with tailored instructions
  • documents always sent with the attachments you want
  • consistent, reliable and secure process throughout your organisation
  • sent documents tracked with realtime feedback to save consultant follow up
  • no fuss acceptance action with no need for signature, whether electronic or otherwise
  • full lifecycle audit trail - all records in one place
  • key success/fail statistics at a glance.

 At every stage, time is saved leaving you able to concentrate on growing your business. And there is more…


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Use Proterms for deals/framework agreements with

  • clients
  • candidates
  • contractors (and their umbrella companies),
  • regular and temporary employees

What our clients are saying

Simon Bartington (Director) ATP Technical

"The system works perfectly. It is easy to use and works in every way you would want it to. The built in tracking and the ability to see exactly where you are with clients and candidates is great."

Ed Turvey (Sales Director) Access Computer Consulting PLC

"We have been using the Proterms platform since March 2021. It has helped save a large amount of time and effort with our contract management. The way in which each contract we issue is tracked and stored in our dashboard ensures that all evidence and information is readily available, allowing us to make informed decisions at all times. We would recommend Proterms to all."

Proterms™ - a Lawspeed™ company

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