New thinking, new methods

Devised by expert contract and dispute lawyers, this highly efficient legal and compliance solution is a new way of capturing and retaining acceptance of your key terms and documents. In today's fast moving world, both accurate real time information and reliable compliance is critical to help you stay on top of the challenges that exist. 

The Need - Problems usually arise when a dispute emerges. In some cases the result can be catastrophic, in most it causes inconvenience, and in all cases it incurs cost (whether lost time, profits or professional expenses) and is nearly always avoidable. 

The Goal  An innovative system that seamlessly captures all the information that is necessary relating to the generation, issue and acceptance of contract terms, including standardisation of contracts for use with customers and employees, allows for updates and version control, provides compliance safeguards, with performance (contract and user) analysis for audit and compliance checking. All data retained in one place. So enhancing your knowledge, experience, and profit protection whilst avoiding the problems.

The Result – The Proterms platform, accessible worldwide, using NoSign technology to maximise efficiency and profitability.  

Proterms - Information at your fingertips

User friendly interactive dashboard, using the latest NoSign technology (acceptance without signature) for maximum efficiency and outcome. Built-in consistency for contract creation and issue, statistics and detail instantly viewable, all activity recorded including who has created and issued terms, when, how many in a period, when terms were updated, who is the best performing user, and so on. In the event of a dispute the evidence is always there.  Includes access controls for management and authorised third parties. 

Who can use it

Any employer or recruitment business worldwide; finance directors, procurement and contract management teams, HR, employment/recruitment administration and compliance, sales teams;  investors, lending, finance invoicing organisations seeking activity monitoring.


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Our Vision


In one place, accessible from anywhere. Making your business more efficient and secure.


Proterms is data secure, technologically secure and legally secure, giving you peace of mind.


To take the hassle out of contract management for anyone who issues lots of contracts.

Proterms™ - a Lawspeed™ company

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